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Saturday, July 26th, 2003
6:56 pm - ::in the nursery::

::puts the last coat of paint on the wall, sighs and decides to take a break by drinking some cold butterbeer and rereading the DADA project proposal that Pansy Parkinson had sent him, wonders if he should ask Harry to assist with the project::

current mood: accomplished

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8:57 am - In the hallways of Hogwarts

He's not in the Common Room, and Crabbe and Goyle have no idea where he is either. That's not surprising; they have no idea of anything ever. Is his ailment really bad enough to keep him in the infirmary? I guess I'd better go check.

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Friday, July 25th, 2003
3:09 pm - ::in the Great Hall, imagining what it looked like at the party::

It was a lot nicer to look at at the party. Party was nice, but kind of boring. I wish I had talked to more people. Oh well. Maybe next time. If there is a next time. ::shrugs::

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1:23 am - Knocturn Alley

This place is quite revolting. One would thing Pureblooded wizards who practiced the dark arts would demand a better shopping venue. Knockturn Alley has all the charm of a waste heap.

*avoiding bits of trash and other questionable items*

I probably should have worn my 500 galleon shoes but I couldn't resist. They match my new outfit perfectly.

*spies a rare book shop*

Hmmm. . .there bound to have just thing I'm looking for. When one intends to take on the entire Wizarding World, one needs some explosive fire power.

They have no idea what is coming. I almost feel sorry for the poor fools.


current mood: apathetic

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1:05 am - *Touching down on the Quidditch field*

Calm down, Harry. You're just going out with Ginny to Hogsmeade. You've done it hundreds of times. It's nothing.

*entering via the side entrance and heading for Gryffindor Tower*

I didn't mistake the signals she was giving me last night. Hold up.

*stopping short of the staircase*

She did send me signals right? Bloody hell. I don't know what is happening but I can't stop it. More importantly I don't want to stop it. I hope whatever happens that Ginny and I will remain friends when the dust settles. I just can't shake the feeling that this won't end well.

*standing in front of the Fat Lady portrait*

Er. . .waddlebottom?

*trying to ignore the Fat Lady's disdainful look*

What? You don't remember me? I've only been here SEVEN years!

Well, here goes any hope of being suave.

*Yelling at the top of my lungs*


current mood: nervous

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Thursday, July 24th, 2003
3:29 pm - Oliver's Bedroom, the Halls, almost Midnight

*Oliver Wood spent the last night taking care of a bit of personal business and still felt incredibly randy. In no mood to talk about babies, he declined the offer to visit the Lupin's house. He was more interested in the act necessary for making babies, although a baby was the very last thing he wanted at this point in his life and career. On the rebound from ex Alison, Oliver feels the need for some companionship. He leaves his room and wanders to the female teacher's wing of the Castle, walking carefully to make sure not to disturb anyone who might be awake at this late hour.*

I wonder if she'll turn me away? No, she wouldn't. I'm the Puddlemere United Seeker, revered by all women!

*laughs to self*

Yes, Wood, you're definitely going off the deep end. You need some sex to set you to rights. Cassara was dancing with Harry last night at the party--I wonder if she likes him? I know he likes her. But still -- that's a student-teacher relationship, and it'd be forbidden. What about a teacher-teacher relationship? It's just one night. I can get away with it. Who's going to know?

*approaches Cassara's door and knocks softly*

current mood: horny

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11:25 am - ::in her office::

::going over paperwork, smiling having Harry in the house as well, feeling a little more like a mother:: We're going to be fine parents. ::looks down and rubs her stomach, smiling::

current mood: pleased

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
7:42 pm - ::on her way to Professor Flitwick's room::

::hears someone talking about the party:: I knew I should've gone. I just wasn't sure if I could bare it. Remembering the Yule Ball and all. ::holding back tears:: Yeah.. it's a good thing I didn't go. ::walks into Flitwick's room::

current mood: sad

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9:39 pm - *Arriving in a coach in front of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft*

*Stepping down from the carriage and glaring at the coachman*

Take this around the side entrance and be ready to leave when I am!

*walking up the way and into a the cavernous Great Hall*

Apparently Dumbledore is having a fete this evening.

*Spying the rather garish Christmas tree and other acoutrements*

Christmas in July. How. . .quaint.

*Impatiently making my way down the hall when I come upon...*

Good Evening, Severus

*Eyeing his black robes*

Why that man goes around dressed like a funeral director, I'll never know.

current mood: devious

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6:20 pm - ::walking back to Gryffindor after the party::

Wow! That was a great party! I had a lot of fun. Well, maybe not so much at the end. I mean, how can all these feelings for Harry come back out of nowhere. I could have sworn that I was over him.
::reaches the Fat Lady, gives the password, and enters::
I wonder if he caught my emotions. I tried really hard to hide them, but they might have still shown through.
::enters her dorm quietly and heads straight for her bed, sits down and opens the top drawer of her nightstand, pulls out her journal, ink, and quill::
If I write it down, it might help.
::begins writing in her journal::

current mood: confused

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8:35 pm - *Appearing in the Lupin's fireplace in a whirl of Floo powder*

*grinning sheepishly*

Sorry, I was waylaid for a bit. I hope I'm not too late?

*steps onto the rug in front of the hearth*

current mood: silly

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4:42 pm


*writes, BSes, outright lies*

I am so good.

Owl to Remus LupinCollapse )

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6:38 pm - *spotting a tipsy Remus Lupin next to Oliver Wood*

*saunters on over, feeling a bit full of myself*

Did you two have a good time tonight?

current mood: jubilant

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5:44 pm

*sits on the lawn with a quill in hand*
The commonroom was boring, I'd much rather be out here. I finished the book I was reading, I don't feel like hunting for another. So I'm here, getting air, maybe hoping to run into people. I've been trying to read that muggle series in peace for a while, couldn't find half of it first.
*stares up at the clouds*
It's sorta warm out here... oh well. Wonder where my sister is...

current mood: bored

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12:37 pm - Log between Lupin and Pansy

Pansy has a planCollapse )

current mood: satisfied

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
6:45 pm

*looking at Ginny*

Well, she did promise me a dance. I suppose she wouldn't mind if I interrupted her chat, right? Then, maybe I can ask Professor Morgan. That wouldn't be too innappropriate, right?

current mood: flirty

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9:36 am - Standing outside Lupin's office

Ugh. Noon is too early to wake up in the summer. The things I do for family pride.

*sighs, then lifts a hand to knock on the door*

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Monday, July 21st, 2003
9:38 am - Lounging in the Slytherin Common Room

So apparently the party was quite...interesting, according to the gossip that's floating around. It almost makes me wish I'd gone, just to see the results of the spiked punch. Almost.

Lupin's back and about to be a father. Knowing the pathetic noble inclinations, he must be over the moon. Let's see if he's also extremely accomodating because of it.

The other gossip I'm getting a little concerned about. I'll have keep an eye on Draco.

But back to taking advantage of other people's happiness: I need a reason to be here for the rest of the summer. I can't very well tell anyone the truth, and remedial projects are just as embarassing. No one will believe I want to do anything for extra credit, but if it had to do with curses? Mm.

*Owl to Remus Lupin*Collapse )

current mood: scheming

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9:50 am

*sitting in a chair in the back of the room, surveying the party* This is so.....so....I dont know...boring... *tries to think of a way to liven things up a little, and eyeing decorations*

current mood: bored

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1:36 am - ::entering the Great Hall::

::sarcastically thinking:: Yay. A party. Why am I even here? Okay, I know why I'm here - to have a little fun. One that doesn't involve a broom, hoops, and balls. ::sighs and tries to think of something else:: I wonder if Natalie's here yet.</i> ::looks around:: I don't see any fallen decoration, so I guess not. ::laughs to himself as he finds a position of holding up the wall::

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