Stewart Ackerley (stew_ackerley) wrote in guiding_wand,
Stewart Ackerley

::entering the Great Hall::

::sarcastically thinking:: Yay. A party. Why am I even here? Okay, I know why I'm here - to have a little fun. One that doesn't involve a broom, hoops, and balls. ::sighs and tries to think of something else:: I wonder if Natalie's here yet.</i> ::looks around:: I don't see any fallen decoration, so I guess not. ::laughs to himself as he finds a position of holding up the wall::
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*sees Stew near the wall and ekes over*

Hallo, Stewart! And how are you this fine evening?

*pauses and surveys the room*

It's been an *ahem* interesting party so far.

Hey Oliver. I doing pretty good. Yeah, it's definately been ::pause:: interesting.
*walking over to Wood and Ackerly*

Stewart! How's your summer been so far?
Hey Potter. It's alright. Yours?
*notices the boys standing near a wall and walks over to them* Hey guys
Hey Nat. What's going on? Haven't fallen yet, I hope? ::smirking a bit::

Hello, Natalie.

I actually spent most of it working in a blasted garden. I'm more than happy to be back here.

Anything new with you? Oliver asked me to be his assistant this year. Will you be in his Quidditch class?
*sticks her tongue out at Stewart* Not yet...But when I do, I'll be sure to bring you down with me! *smiles innocently*

*spies Ginny and Cassara in the corner*

Nice speaking with you both, but I think I'm being paged...

*shakes her head at Harry's sudden departure* Honestly...