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Log between Lupin and Pansy

Pansy walks in, giving the returning DADA professor's casual Mugglewear the same sort of look she gave his shabby robes in the past: not quite outright disdain, but certainly an unmistakable hint that she finds his attire to be rather...lacking. Brushing a piece of imaginary lint off her own pristine robes, she walks across the office to take the indicated seat. "I'm not interrupting, I hope?" she asks with a pointed look at the boxes.

Lupin looks up, smiling. "Not at all, Pansy. Just cleaning up, preparing for another term. How is your summer going?"

"Boring," Pansy dismisses with a flick of her wrist. "So I thought I'd try to at least salvage something from it." She smiles, the expression as bright and jagged as broken glass. "I hope you can help."

Lupin raises his eyebrow. "How can I be of service?" He isn't sure what exactly she has planned and is apprehensive about it all.

"First of all," Pansy says, tone turning brisk, "I assume you agree with me that just because the Dark...You-Know-You has been vanquished, we can't let our guards down. You wouldn't be here if you didn't believe that. There's always going to be evil in the world and all that." This part she goes through quickly, setting up the premise for her argument.

He nods, understanding every word she's saying and encouraging her to continue.

Pansy goes through the rest of her speech, picking and choosing her words to present her argument in the best light. "And you'd agree that knowing your enemy is the best way to defeat it, which is why you brought in those dark creatures for us to study in our third year." She pauses, letting the flattery sink in; her smile is sweet, but her dark eyes gleam with anticipation. "So with the same logic you used with the dark creatures, I'd like to do an extra credit project to study the dark arts and their counter curses, so I'll know how to handle myself if I'm ever faced with them."

Lupin looks at her with interest. "That sounds like a great plan, but how exactly do you propose to do the project? Are you going to put the counter curses on some of creatures?"

Pansy's smile widens. "Well, I thought that since it's easier to do a counter curse when you actually know the curse you're countering, I thought I'd study the original curses first."

"Study them how exactly?" Lupin stares at her to make sure that he's getting all the details.

"There's a theoretical and a practical part to these studies, right?" Pansy asks. As she already knows the answer, she continues without waiting for the reply. "So I thought I'd do some research --" And here she nearly chokes on the R word "-- and then practise them on some creatures like you suggested earlier."

Lupin nods. "And the countercurse?"

"The same," Pansy replies airily. There's no way she's letting someone throw curses at her, even for the sake of 'studies'. "After all," she says with a laugh that completely goes against all the times that she's thrown jinxes and hexes in the halls, "it's not like we're allowed to throw curses at each other, right Professor?"

"No, you're not..." Lupin laughs. "It sounds very interesting to me, but I would like something written down. The faster I have a written proposal, the faster I can approve it." He winks.

Pansy clenches her teeth momentarily to keep from groaning. When she's sure she'll be able to speak evenly, she asks, "What do you want in the proposal?"

Lupin smiles. "Nothing that cause you to do more research.... I just want you to write down everything you told me here. I need to keep it on file otherwise the Headmaster will have my head." He chuckles. "Plus I want to make sure no one will be harmed."

Pansy's smile returns, this time edged with satisfaction. "Of course not," she near purrs.

"Excellent." He grins. "Is there any questions or suggestions you would like to see this upcoming term?"

"I'm sure you have things all in hand, Professor," Pansy replies sweetly.

"Erm...thanks," Lupin blushes and looks behind her. "You didn't happen to see my wife on the way here, did you?"

His face flushed a little, realising she was suppose to be there an hour ago.

Now that she's gotten what she wanted, Pansy shifts in her seat to signal her desire to leave. She has no desire to be subjected to a conversation about this particular loving couple. "No, I didn't."

"Oh." His face fell. "Well, if that's all you'd like to discuss, Pansy." He stands up and smiles. "I'll be looking forward to reading your proposal."

"Thank you, Professor," Pansy says easily. And with that, she rises and sails out.
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