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Lounging in the Slytherin Common Room

So apparently the party was quite...interesting, according to the gossip that's floating around. It almost makes me wish I'd gone, just to see the results of the spiked punch. Almost.

Lupin's back and about to be a father. Knowing the pathetic noble inclinations, he must be over the moon. Let's see if he's also extremely accomodating because of it.

The other gossip I'm getting a little concerned about. I'll have keep an eye on Draco.

But back to taking advantage of other people's happiness: I need a reason to be here for the rest of the summer. I can't very well tell anyone the truth, and remedial projects are just as embarassing. No one will believe I want to do anything for extra credit, but if it had to do with curses? Mm.


Your reappointment comes at a convenient time. I am looking to expand my knowledge in the Defense of the Dark Arts and hope we can come to an arrangement.

Thank you.
Pansy Parkinson
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