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*Arriving in a coach in front of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft*

*Stepping down from the carriage and glaring at the coachman*

Take this around the side entrance and be ready to leave when I am!

*walking up the way and into a the cavernous Great Hall*

Apparently Dumbledore is having a fete this evening.

*Spying the rather garish Christmas tree and other acoutrements*

Christmas in July. How. . .quaint.

*Impatiently making my way down the hall when I come upon...*

Good Evening, Severus

*Eyeing his black robes*

Why that man goes around dressed like a funeral director, I'll never know.
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*nods at Lucius*

Ah, Lucius. What an..interesting surprise.

*takes in Lucius' immaculate and expensive clothing*

How typical. Leave it to Lucius to draw attention to himself. I suppose next he'll begin recruiting followers of his own so he can attempt to take the place of the Dark Lord

*forces a small smile*

And to what does Hogwarts owe the pleasure of your visit?
Certainly not to attend this. . .charming party.

*looks at Snape suspiciously*

I'm here to check on Draco. He forgot to say goodbye before he left. You know how careless children can be.


But, of course you do.

He's a glorified baby sitter

*raises an eyebrow*

Of course. Although, I must say. In all the years I've known Draco, I've found him to be anything but careless.

*sneers slightly*

However, I'm certain I don't know your son nearly as well as you.

*motions in the direction of the party*

I'm afraid I haven't seen him this evening. Still, he could, perhaps, be at Potter's party. If you would like to look for yourself, I'm certain the Headmaster would not object.

And now we'll see just how far you are willing to carry this farce as a concerned father.
*Raising an eyebrow*

I doubt I'd find my son there among Potter's sycophants. And, yes I know him far better than anyone else. The bond between a father and son is. . .

*breaking off to give Snape a look of mock sympathy*

I guess you wouldn't know anything about that though, would you?

*expression hardening*

But Draco is my business, alone. He's the a Malfoy heir and with that comes specific obligations. I won't have my son exposed to any. . .inappropriate influences.

Must I spell it out for you? As if I'd be cowed by a traitor to our glorious cause.

*grinds teeth together but give him a tight smile*

Of course, Lucius. And, as the Head of Slytherin, I, too, want what is best for Draco. As it is with all other Slytherins. And I assure you, Draco is more than prepared to meet any...obligations that he may have.

Insufferable fool. Does he really believe he knows his son as well as he thinks? Merlins beard, I know the boy better.
Yes, I'm sure your quite a capable baby. . .ahem, professor. Draco speaks of you often enough.

*trying not to look ill*

It seems you've formed quite an attachment to my son.

Arrogant prat. I must make a mental note to plan his torture and horrible death.

I need to remember to pick up some thumb screws.

*ignores the baby comment...for now*

Oh, I wouldn't call it an attachment, Lucius. Surely you remember the bonds that students form with their Head of House? Draco merely sees me as someone he can rely on.

*sneers slightly*

Not that he can't rely on you, of course...

Insolent fool. I wonder precisely how many galleons it would cost me to bribe his house elf into slipping some hair-removal potion into his drink. Or perhaps I could convince Narcissa to assist me. She has been known to find his feminine hairstyle quite ridiculous...Ah, I shall have to remember to look in to that.


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At least there's someone in the school who seems happy to see The Malfoy. Coming down another corridor after all the drama has been levitated away, immensely pleased with herself, Pansy pulls up short when she spots Lucius's distinctive figure approaching. "Mr. Malfoy," she simpers, "how good it is to see you."
*arches an eyebrow*

Good evening, Miss Parkinson.

*steps aside to give him room in the corridor*

What brings you to the school tonight? Is there anything wrong?
*warily watching her*

Nothing that need concern you, my dear.

*leaning against a wall negligently*

Why aren't you enjoying the. . .



This little girl is up to something.
*laughs derisively*

Mr. Malfoy, surely you have a better impression of me than someone who would attend a celebration for Harry Potter?

Just what's so important that Lucius Malfoy himself would come to the school?
*sighing in exasperation*

If you MUST know, I came to check up on Draco. Actually, it was fortuitous that I came. He's feeling a bit under the weather.


And we can never be quite sure of the impressions we give, can we?
There's no way I can answer that without shooting myself in the foot, damn him.

*smiles sweetly*

But the impression you give is a credit to your power and heritage, Mr. Malfoy. I'm sorry to hear about Draco. Perhaps I should check on him.
*widening my eyes*

Why, thank you, Miss Parkinson. Perhaps, you should check on Draco. I do know how well you two get on.

*smiling a smile that doesn't quite reach my eyes*

Quite a cunning little cat. She might be worth looking up later on. I prefer them with a bit more experience. If I remember correctly, her mother was quite lovely.


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