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Oliver's Bedroom, the Halls, almost Midnight

*Oliver Wood spent the last night taking care of a bit of personal business and still felt incredibly randy. In no mood to talk about babies, he declined the offer to visit the Lupin's house. He was more interested in the act necessary for making babies, although a baby was the very last thing he wanted at this point in his life and career. On the rebound from ex Alison, Oliver feels the need for some companionship. He leaves his room and wanders to the female teacher's wing of the Castle, walking carefully to make sure not to disturb anyone who might be awake at this late hour.*

I wonder if she'll turn me away? No, she wouldn't. I'm the Puddlemere United Seeker, revered by all women!

*laughs to self*

Yes, Wood, you're definitely going off the deep end. You need some sex to set you to rights. Cassara was dancing with Harry last night at the party--I wonder if she likes him? I know he likes her. But still -- that's a student-teacher relationship, and it'd be forbidden. What about a teacher-teacher relationship? It's just one night. I can get away with it. Who's going to know?

*approaches Cassara's door and knocks softly*
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Cassara had been working in her rooms all day on last minute planning for lessons getting together resources and responding to letters from her family and friends. Especially her brother Hayden she had been getting loads of letters from him recently. She was wearing a button up baby blue fitted shirt and denim skirt with her hair up in a high ponytail. Finally finishing all her work for the day she poured herself a glass of her special Fire whiskey and sat down comfortably on the couch. Hear the knock at the door she sighed.

*Gets up and answers the door, surprised to see Oliver she smiles*

“Hi Oliver what brings you to this part of the castle at this time?” she paused for a moment. “Would you like to come in? I just poured myself a fire whiskey” she asked
Good evening, Cassara. Actually, yes, I'd love to come in and have a drink.

*enters the room, noting Cassara's body hugging shirt*

Bloody hell. Not a shy one, is she? Exactly what I was hoping for.

*He eyes her suggestively*

Control yourself, Wood. Control your wood. I can't even think straight anymore. I think the blood's run straight out of my head and down to my--

*takes glass of Firewhiskey from Cassara*

Thank you.

*takes a long drink, watching Cassara over the glass*
*Closes the door to her room before anyone saw Oliver come into her room *

The Ball last night was brilliant wasn’t it? I think that maybe there should be a party for Professors some time before school starts.

God he looks so fit tonight I don’t know if I am going to survive a night in his company without kissing him

Would you like anything to eat I have some crisps and fruit in a cupboard if you want any

*Pours herself a second glass of fire whiskey and starts to feel drunk *

I was just emailing a few of my old students from Greece they still don’t believe that I am friends with you and work with you.
No thanks, I'm not hungry...

In that sense. When did she get so sexy looking? Is it the shadow of night or the moon? Am I drunk on only a swallow of firewhiskey? Ah, Wood, mustn't have too much to drink -- you know what happens! It has the same negative effect on wizards as it does on Muggles. We don't want that. Control your intake.

Your students? Girls, are they? *smug grin*

*takes small sip of whiskey*

So, what are you doing up so late? *gestures toward papers on desk* Do you ever take a break from working?

*Gets up and gets herself a small bowl of strawberries to eat as she hadn’t eat much *

Yeah they where part of your un-official fan club back in Greece they where the lot that sent you the naughty underwear I believe for your 20th birthday I was unfortunate enough to come across the notes they wrote during lessons one time.

*takes a strawberry out of the bowl and eats it carefully licking a bit of juice from her lips*

They said if I really knew you I had to send them proof so I might ask you to sign a couple of autographs for them if you don’t mind.

*looks at her piles of papers*

I didn’t have much choice it was paper work, gathering together useful sources for lessons and some other things. I usually take a break but I got a bit carried away on the work.


I have been sitting at that desk almost constantly since 10am this morning with only a couple of breaks.

*rubs her saw neck*
*sits mesmerized by the sight of Cassara licking strawberry juice from her rosy lips. He stares for a full minute, the breaks from his reverie with a start.*

Did you say "naughty underwear"? So that's where those came from! I daresay you have very forward students. I'd be happy to sign autographs for them.

It's a good thing they don't know what became of those underwear! And while I'm on the subject, I wonder what kind of underwear the good Porfessor might have on under that skirt...

*sees Cassara rubbing her neck*

Here, allow me.

*moves over to her and leads her to the small sofa in the room. He sits down and takes her hand, pulling her gently down to sit in front of him. He brings his hands up to her neck and massages her neck gently, then massages her shoulders. Oliver is painfully awar eof the erectionhe now sports that is pressed against the small of Cassara's back*

She certainly can't NOT notice THAT! My, she IS tense...she just needs some loosening up...
“You know you are going to get hundreds of letters from their fan club if you do that don’t you? Oh the underwear it wasn’t the students that sent the underwear it was the teachers at the school who where members of your fan club I was dragged out to help pick them out when we all went on a drinking spree in Greece. GOD if the students knew about the secret life of teachers they would never take us seriously ever again. I unfortunately have the pictures from that particular drinking spree.” She shook her head thinking back to it

*she sighed as Oliver led her to the small sofa in the room and his experienced hands made there way down her neck and to her shoulders. She had never felt so relaxed in ages she could feel all the tension leaving her as he did that. She moaned contently with her eyes closed as her relieved some of her tension. While enjoying her massage she felt something hard in her back thinking it might have been his wand she ignored it till she felt it get harder smiling she realised it wasn’t his wand *

God I have him a erection maybe I should just play along and tease him a little bit for fun

“Oliver you know from the first time I met you I really wanted to shag you completely and utterly senseless” she said in a almost innocent voice
*Oliver stopped massaging Cassara for a moment*

What did she just say? She wants to shag me?

I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you say you wanted to shag me senseless. I must have had a bit too much firewhiskey and I'm losing my sense of hearing.

*He continues massaging her shoulders as she leans her head back a bit, exposing her creamy neck*


She isn't saying anything. Did she say she wanted to shag me? I could have sworn that IS what she said. Am I imagining things now? It's the lust -- the lack of blood in my head. Surely that's it. But then, perhaps she can help me with that.

*A niggling voice in the back of his mind that sounded quite like Dumbledore warned him not to get involved with Cassara, but Oliver ignored it. Instead, he leaned his face close to Cassara's neck and peeked up at her face. Her eyes were closed, her breath light and quick. Oliver suddenly felt a pang inside his mind, that somehow, this wasn't the right thing to do, teacher or not. He pushed the protest down and silenced it, moving his lips closer to her ear. His lips touched her earlobe and he snaked his tongue out to give her ear just a little lick, then he blew softly on the spot, making the woman shiver.*

Now we're getting somewhere...
*Cassara had to stop herself from smirking harder than she had ever smirked before when he stopped massaging her*

GOD I don’t know how I am going to keep myself from laughing! He thought he was hearing things because of the drink!

Anything wrong with me saying that? I think you are absolutely gorgeous and I have wanted to get you alone in my rooms since the first time I met you! Why do you think I invited you in for a drink the first time I met you?

*She moaned again as he carried on massaging her shoulders she hadn’t felt her shoulders this relaxed in ages. She definitely had to have him round a lot more*

I know he feels the attraction between us because its obvious as it is currently being pushed in to her back. I feel so hot I wish we could just get down to it I am completely ready for him

*Cassara could only smile as she felt Oliver’s lips touch her earlobe and when he snaked his tongue out to lick it a little and than blew on that spot softly she could only moan loudly and shiver. It felt so good but even though there was something at the back of her mind that warned her not to but she couldn’t help it. Turning her head she captured Oliver’s lips and started kissing him with all the locked up passion in her body. She never wanted anything at that moment so much, she ran a hand down his body as she kissed him her hand than stopped once it got to his erection and she stroked it softly through the fabric*