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Oliver's Bedroom, the Halls, almost Midnight

*Oliver Wood spent the last night taking care of a bit of personal business and still felt incredibly randy. In no mood to talk about babies, he declined the offer to visit the Lupin's house. He was more interested in the act necessary for making babies, although a baby was the very last thing he wanted at this point in his life and career. On the rebound from ex Alison, Oliver feels the need for some companionship. He leaves his room and wanders to the female teacher's wing of the Castle, walking carefully to make sure not to disturb anyone who might be awake at this late hour.*

I wonder if she'll turn me away? No, she wouldn't. I'm the Puddlemere United Seeker, revered by all women!

*laughs to self*

Yes, Wood, you're definitely going off the deep end. You need some sex to set you to rights. Cassara was dancing with Harry last night at the party--I wonder if she likes him? I know he likes her. But still -- that's a student-teacher relationship, and it'd be forbidden. What about a teacher-teacher relationship? It's just one night. I can get away with it. Who's going to know?

*approaches Cassara's door and knocks softly*
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